Partnership Proposal

You can read our proposal also in Italian and Spanish.

We are an international community of developers who want to create content for professional development on our platform.

Strengthening connections with other communities is essential for our growth. By partnering, we encourage the sharing of ideas, resources, and experiences in pursuit of three core values: development, collaboration, and connection.

Here's what you'll find on this page:

Who we are, vision, mission and values

We are an international developer community that provides resources and content for professional growth through its platform. We organize in person, online and hybrid events with the aim of stimulating discussion, sharing and networking in an environment where anyone can express themselves freely at ease. We also support the career growth of community members through free mentoring thanks to Codemotion Talent. 


We believe that everyone can help build a better future through technology.


We foster innovation by building the most impactful tech community.


Who can be our partners?

Our partnership proposal is dedicated to tech communities that:

But also to conferences, people and realities that:

Why become a Codemotion partner

Becoming a Codemotion partner has several advantages, here's what we can offer:





What we ask of our partners:

Types of partnerships

Codemotion has two types of partnerships:

Become our partner

To become our partner just 

Please note: Codemotion reserves all the rights to not approve the partnership if not in line with our values ❤️

You will only receive communications regarding our partnership: with discount codes and initiatives or projects that we would like to develop together.

No SPAM or newsletters.

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For any needs, just write an email to Michela: