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Content sharing is always at the heart of the Codemotion community, which is why we have opened the Codemotion Magazine in order to share the news that exists in our sector. 

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Why become a Writer?

Share your knowledge

Your articles will help grow the national dev community


Your content will be promoted in our network of over 200 tech communities

Personal Branding

Affirm your experience and position yourself as a role model

A boost for your web content!

Other reasons why you should write in Codemotion magazine? 

What does it mean to become a Writer?

Becoming a Writer means contributing to the drafting of articles that will be published in the Codemotion online magazine and you can do it in two ways: 

What commitment does it require?

Based on your availability, we would like you to become a point of reference for our magazine by creating periodic articles or even creating a dedicated column. You can find the benefits based on the number of articles given on the "Become a Contributor" page


Here are some content ideas we're looking for: 

What are we looking for

What are we NOT looking for

The interests of the community come first and we do not publish spam or marketing content.

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Become Codemotion Writer

Remember: when you propose your article and if you are interested in inserting links, share them. Links to sites with low reputations will not be inserted.

What happens next?

Once you have filled in the form:

Once ready you will be given a publication date according to the editorial calendar and we will proceed to publish it in the newsletter and on our social media!

Remember that you will find the guidelines directly in the DASHBOARD section once you are logged in.

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