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We are a community of developers who love to meet, get to know each other and share their knowledge and experience. This is the heart of what we do and our value: the awareness that alone we go faster, but together we go further

The Codemotion community wants to be not only a space where you can compare and learn new things but also a place where you can get involved, get out of your comfort zone and grow thanks to the support of both community members and the team of Codemotion.

Why become a contributor?

Engage yourself in new experiences and test yourself in new challenges

Develop new skills

Interact, compare and grow together with other members

Make yourself known within the community and become a point of reference

How to become a contributor?

We have several initiatives dedicated to the community and to those who share our values. Here are the ones active for now: 

Contributor badges


How to get it?



✅ How to get it?



✅ How to get it?



✅ How to get it?


Here is a summary of the benefits and how to get them

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Thanks to...

every contributor who has supported and taken part in community initiatives to date 🧡

Mauro Bennici

Devs Meet Ethics

Savino Carlone

Devs Book Club

Andrea Maietta

Devs Book Club

Enrico Maria Cestari

Wannabe CTO

Giuseppe Santoro

Wannabe CTO

Ludovico Besana

Road To Dev

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