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Share the impact that tech communities have in the developers life and help other organizers to know more about community management.

2024 focus: collaboration

After the success of the State Of European Tech Community 2023 in which 250 tech communities from 33 European countries participated, we collected your feedback and needs and this year we wil focus on how to:

What you'll find below:

Why take the survey

Taking part in the State of means:

The structure

We will involve the main tech communities at European level seeking support from realities from every country. The survey will cover several areas, including how communities are organised, the events and activities they carry out, the impact of communities on members' lives, and the level of diversity and inclusion present.

The survey is different based on the last year participation.

How to take part in the State of

Participating in the State of is super easy: just fill out this short survey, which will take up to 5 minutes of your time.

For each community, only one member can participate, such as:

For each tech community we will collect only one response: only one of these figures will respond on behalf of the community.

How and whene the collected data will be presented

By the beginning of July 2024, we will collect and process the data and publish a report that will be made available to the entire international tech community, not only in digital format, but also through an online presentation event in which we will present the results and bring out the best practices to manage a community.

We want this report to be enriched over the years and to be of help to stimulate new connections, projects, ideas starting from practical and concrete cases from which to take inspiration to improve one's own reality.


What is it about?

Communities are the heart of innovation, the place where the dev world meets and where, thanks to connections it is possible to grow and improve our skills.

As Codemotion, we have always pursued these values ​​and we want to create a project together that enhances this important aspect of our journey, with the aim of creating greater connection and impact in our world.

The State of European Tech Communities is a survey that aims to collect data on topics of interest to all tech communities at European level.

For example:

All these data will be conveyed in a report that will be returned to the partners and made available to the entire international tech community to help understand the impact of active participation within a tech community and to learn and develop new ideas from other community managers experiences.

Where can I see the first edition of the report?

You can find the State Of European Tech Communities 2023 on the dedicated website: stateoftechcommunities.codemotion.it 

How many tech communities participated last year?

Last year, 250 tech communities from 33 European Union countries took part.

Doubts, questions, suggestions?

Write to Michela: community+en@codemotion.it