About us

We are an international developer community that provides resources and content for professional growth through its platform. We organize in person, online and hybrid events with the aim of stimulating discussion, sharing and networking in an environment where anyone can express themselves freely at ease. We also support the career growth of community members through free mentoring thanks to Codemotion Talent.

Community team

Co-Founder & Content Program Manager


Mara Marzocchi

Community Program Manager Europe


Michela Bertaina

"I found my place in the community world. Building bridges, stimulating comparisons and creating a sharing environment where there can be constant growth is my greatest satisfaction"

Community Manager Italy


Alessia Signorini

"I help people by creating relationships and I love the energy that comes from meeting more minds!"

Content Manager & Dev Talent Partner


Luca Fregoso

"In the world of development since the dawn of the new millennium, I have transformed my passion into a multi-faceted job: from writing code, to managing teams and designing training courses. I will always be a geek at heart, seeking the latest technological innovation."

Community Manager Spain


Natalia De Pablo García

"I thrive on making connections and find immense joy in exploring new horizons by getting to know new people and their unique realities!"

Content Manager Codemotion Madrid


Julieta Zalduendo

"I work every day to foster growth and empower the community in Spain by building strong relationships, generating valuable and original tech content, and promoting strategic and long-term alliances within the tech ecosystem "

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Drop us an email to community+en@codemotion.it