Our 2023 journey

December has arrived, the month in which I can slow down and stop to take a moment to look back on everything I've experienced this year. 

January was a month full of news and in which I started this new path as Community Program Manager Europe in Codemotion, if I think that all this time has already passed it makes me really strange. 

It seems like yesterday that I started to get to know the great Codemotion team and that Mara told me about the growth objectives for this year. 

The results we have achieved on the community side are not few and by no means trivial and I would like to celebrate them with you by sharing them:


First of all there are the events, the result of the work of the entire Codemotion team who achieved truly exciting results!

Codemotion Workshop Fest Italy

Codemotion Madrid

Codemotion Milan

Codemotion Workshop Fest Spain

During Codemotion Milan we dedicated an area entirely to the community where we had: 





Furthermore we have: 

State Of European Tech Communities

This year we launched a new project that I had the opportunity to challenge myself with, the State Of European Tech Communities. + 250 tech communities at European level gave their contribution to the creation of a report in which we have: 

It is possible to view the complete report here: stateoftechcommunities.codemotion.it

The team

I mention it last, but not least, in fact, far from it, it would not have been possible to achieve all this without this team. It is one of my greatest satisfactions to have had the opportunity to build a fantastic community team with which to collaborate, develop ideas and initiatives. 

The harmony with Alessia is fantastic and the ability we have to support each other in times of need is what I love most, she really put herself on the line this year and receiving the always positive feedback from the Italian contributors and partners is for me great source of satisfaction. 

After my first month in Spain to accompany Natalia into this world with which I had the pleasure of sharing not only a great desire for growth but also passions on a personal level, I was very happy to have had Julieta on board who took the helm of the Spanish community and together an excellent job was done in Spain for our "Revamp" project. 

The affinity with Francesco in managing the Ambassador program and conference activities was extremely stimulating, especially in the management of large unforeseen events that were resolved in a very short time. 

Being part of this team under the protective wings and guidance of Mara has made 2023 extremely rich. I believe that it is not at all trivial to have affinity, understanding and work in a team that shares exactly the same community spirit that truly puts people at the center.

Good resolutions for 2024

The results achieved this year have been truly many but we certainly won't stop here. 2024 will be a year of consolidation but we will do our best to grow the community more and create new opportunities for members. 

So here are our good resolutions for 2024: 

And this is all. 

Stopping for a moment to put your ideas together, understand what happened, seems stupid but it is not trivial. Very often, caught up in the whirlwind of the activities and projects in which we are involved, we struggle to realize the successes and leave everything in the background. We are focused on doing and we lose the small results we achieve along the way. I believe that celebrating certain goals does extremely well, because it is the result of a year of work, of many people, a great team, who day after day with the desire to grow and test themselves have created and are creating, in my way to see a great impact in this world: from raising companies' awareness of certain issues to mentoring for the professional growth of every developer who wants to change their career, from the creation of interesting content to the creation of new friendships and connections. 

This 2023 has been an extremely intense, rich, challenging and full of great satisfaction year. I can't even count the people I've met, laughed with, and helped and supported me through it all. Community is not just a word, for me it is a lifestyle that shapes our path. The value that people have on our journey is not measurable with numbers, but the impact they have, well that is indescribable. 

And for that I want to say thank you. A small word but with a big meaning. Thanks to all the people who helped me, gave me feedback, spent time to understand my questions and supported me, thanks to the community members who actively support all the initiatives, thanks to the trust of the partners and thanks to my fantastic team where you really feel at home. 

I would like to conclude with a phrase from Michele Riva, during the closing keynote of Codemotion Milano 2022 which resonated with me extremely strongly: "Wherever you go, conference or meetup, there is only one lowest common denominator that will change the your life forever: it's the people. What will change your life won't be the book you never read, or the course you didn't finish but the people you never had the chance to interact with." 

A big hug and... let 2024 begin! ūüėä

Michela Bertaina