Community Activities

Codemotion Madrid is not only a moment in which you can learn from international experts but also a chance to meet new people, make new friends and have fun! 

Join our community activities:

Call 4 Tech Buddy

In the community area of the conference we want to create a corner where attendees can go and ask questions about technology and community. 

Would you like to adopt a technology and be the reference point for a it during Codemotion Madrid?

You will be the glue between the people who approach to learn more and talk about your favourite technology creating a small thematic unconference and answering questions.

Lightning Talk

Would you like to present a quick talk in a stage during Codemotion Madrid?

You will have 5/10 min to present your talk and receive feedbacks by our experts!

Who can propose a lightning talk?

Everyone that has something interesting to share with the Codemotion Madrid attendees. (No SPAM or commercial talks will be accepted)

How it works?

Call 4 Ideas

Which activities would you like to find at Codemotion Madrid?

Our conference is not only based on contents but also networking, and moments in which people can meet, learn from each other and make powerful connections.

Give us your opinions and what would you like to find at the next edition of the conference!

WannaBe Speakers

Would you like to share your knowledge and experiences but still don't youy feel confortable talking in front of so many people?

Let's take part at our WannaBe Speakers Program!

How does it work?

Shine as speaker @ Codemotion Madrid 2024: you will give your talk during a dedicate slot in the agenda of the conference!

What do I need to take part to the #WannaBeSpeakers program?

We want to empower our community members so here are the caracteristics we are looking for:

What provides Codemotion?

Feel free to fill out both in spanish and english.

Call 4 Volunteers

Take part in the Codemotion Conference in Madrid as an active member of the community!

Try a new experience, live behind the scenes and understand what does its means to manage a conference with more than 2000 people, learn and support the community with the activities we will experience together 🧡

Become a volunteer and applyi to Call 4 Volunteer by filling out the form below!

You can find more about what it means on the dedicated page.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Write an email to, Natalia and Michela will be happy to hear from you!